By Jeff Deminski

You've heard the term 'the silly season' in politics. Well, it doesn't get sillier or more stupid than this. Liberals are up in arms because of a conservative website,, which really, REALLY doesn't want Hillary Clinton elected president.

There are many things on their website, but the latest edition has Liberals and women's rights groups fuming. They put up a game called Slap Hillary, where according to which button you press, you can go lefty or righty across a cartoon Hillary face. It also comes with make Hillary speak buttons if you'd like to slap her in mid sentence.

Nancy Pelosi even joined the fray, tweeting,

Here's where it gets more interesting. A very similar game was out a few years back in which people got to slap Sarah Palin. Slap her so hard it would tell you on the screen how many miles 'back to Alaska' you had smacked her. My personal best was 128 miles. Interesting that no one on the left seemed to complain at all, not a peep about poor taste or violence against women, when this Sarah Palin game was out. Where was the outrage then? Just your run of the mill political hypocrisy.

To check out Slap Hillary, click here.

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