The governor is simply out of control.

As we live through Day 219 of 15 days to stop the spread, the governor’s power trip is as exposed as it’s gonna be. First, he vetoes a bill that would have given some relief to restaurants who staffed and stocked up when they were told indoor dining would be opening at the start of July. Of course the governor reneged on that promise, costing small businesses millions during a time that many were struggling just to keep the doors open with outdoor dining.

The governor has often referred to "science" as a basis for his actions. But we now know beyond any reasonable doubt that there is no "science" involved in decision-making these days. States like Florida, Texas and Tennessee are open for business, people heading out to restaurants and kids back in the classrooms. We also know that restaurants are not the cause of the spike in positive cases. Our testing has ramped up and people without symptoms are testing positive.

Over the past few months we’ve learned that these "asymptomatic" a.k.a. "healthy" people are not spreading the virus. We also know that the predictions early on in the pandemic that "everyone" would get the virus are showing to be accurate. Millions and millions of cases, with relatively few deaths and hospitalizations. Sweden again shows up American politicians by staying open and now even relaxing restrictions on the so-called "vulnerable" age group. Why? Because the science shows that humans have immune systems. Science also shows that coronavirus is here to stay, just like the flu. You’ll potentially need to get a COVID shot every year, and there won’t be any guarantee, like the flu shot, that it will work.

So again, back to healthy people using their immune systems in order to stay healthy. Does anyone actually believe that the virus behaves differently in Sweden, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, South Dakota and Copenhagen? Of course not. The difference is that in New Jersey we have a government willing to trample on your economic and civil liberties in the name of public health and there is no one in elected office strong enough or courageous enough to stop them. Seems that estimates of 30% of restaurants never reopening again may be conservative. Also seems that the number of people moving out of NJ will be rising yet again in the coming months and years.

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