Classic ignorance and arrogance from Gov. Phil Murphy. Georgia, Florida and counties across the country are opening up. No spike in cases. Actually the opposite. Cases are dramatically decreasing.

The governor is not relying on science. He is simply stoking the fire of fear while lecturing New Jersey as if we’re children. The changing narrative should be enough to expose the outrage. We flattened the curve, had no overrun on our healthcare system and the disease dissipated. Extending the lockdown one more day endangers healthy people as we’ve seen in New York, with 2/3 of new hospitalizations from those staying home.

The bottom line is we are beyond the point of being lectured by a governor responsible for sticking COVID-19 patients in nursing homes and locking them down. 5,000 dead as a result. He can defend all he wants. We know the truth. They actually put it in writing.

At least Martha MacCallum asked the governor about the nursing home debacle during her interview with him Thursday night. The governor of course danced around the question of why he didn’t separate healthy vulnerable patients from COVID-19 positive patients. He blamed the number of available tests? What?!? They had actual test evidence of COVID-19 patients and the state ordered them admitted back into the nursing homes. This governor and his entire administration need to be held legally accountable.

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