Are you f@$#ing kidding me?!?! Wednesday afternoon, Gov. (for now) Phil Murphy signed an executive order that mandates draconian measures in a workplace near you, coming soon.

As of Nov. 5, you will have to have your temperature checked, keep a mask on in your office and distance at least six feet from your coworkers at all times.

This will be the rule in ALL workplaces, public and private, store, warehouse, office, wherever you work. This from a man who admitted gleefully on national television back in the spring that the Bill of Rights was above his pay grade. That's the only thing he's been right about since he emerged on the scene five years ago to buy an election.

His executive order even mandates that your supervisor, aside from checking your temperature, will visually check to see if you look sick or not. I look pretty nauseous when I see his dog-and-pony press debacles on TV several times a week. I wonder if I'll be sent home early on those days. Never mind that some of this will be at extra expense to employers — those that are still in business, that is.

If this doesn't make your head explode, then you must come from the same f@$#ing planet that this clown is from, or you have a guaranteed income, or you a brain-dead stooge that will fall for anything, or all of the above. I have not been in a fistfight since high school, but I think I feel one coming on soon.  Let's make sure that next November, maybe sooner God willing, that we make that happen.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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