Governor Murphy is doing the right thing. Now how often do you hear that on this site? But seriously, gotta give credit where credit is due. It would have been so simple for Murphy to go along with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and ban indoor dining in New Jersey, but this time he avoided going along with the crowd.

Murphy said at his press conference, according to, that he has no plans to ban indoor dining here in New Jersey.

According to Rebecca King's article,

"Murphy said he has great respect for Cuomo and Wolf, but 'that doesn't mean we move in lockstep. There is no data to support that indoor dining has significantly contributed to the spread of COVID-19,' Murphy said."

Good for Murphy and the New Jersey restaurant owners who are struggling so hard to stay afloat under these COVID restrictions. I don't know where he's getting his science but this time I'm "in lockstep" with it.

Keeping indoor dining open can also perhaps draw people who were going to eat out in New York and Pennsylvania, to come to New Jersey and sample our many eateries along the border. I'm sure the restaurants in New York and Pennsylvania are positively thrilled with that idea, especially during this holiday season.

With the weather getting colder and now that we're getting our first real snow of the season, banning indoor dining could have signaled the end of many of our restaurants. At least now they have a chance to survive until hopefully soon we can see a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, or at least until it gets warmer in a few months.

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