As the Katie Brennan hearings continue, there are more questions about the conduct of top male Murphy administration staff members when dealing with women.

Allison Kopicki, a top official with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, will resign at the end of the month, indicating she feels she’s been facing discrimination and hostility after complaining about Murphy’s deputy campaign director, Joe Kelley, creating a hostile work environment for women by throwing a chair while a female subordinate was in the room.

Kelley was hired as a deputy chief of staff after Murphy was elected.

An investigation by an independent fact-finder reportedly concluded Kelley threw the chair but did not treat women unfairly.

While Katie Brennan is suing the Murphy administration over complaints about being mostly ignored by top officials after she reported being raped by a fellow Murphy campaign worker who then got a high-level job in the administration, it is unclear whether Kopicki, vice president of policy and research at the EDA intends to file suit as well.

During an event in Passaic on Tuesday,  Murphy was asked if he’s concerned about another high-profile female complaining about the treatment of women by male members of his administration.

Murphy did not answer the question directly, but he did say he knew Kopicki, she had been very highly recommended and, “God willing, we’re going to, I want to stand on the side of being a governor that has a great environment for folks to work in.”

Murphy said he is "incredibly proud" of the people his administration has hired.

When pressed about the perception some may have of his administration as a result of recent headlines, Murphy said, “I have no comment because I’ve got no context on this other than I know Allison by reputation when she came into transition, it was very high, so I’ve got nothing beyond that to say.”

Kopicki has indicated she was excluded from meetings and not given information about projects she had been working on after making the comments about Kelley.

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