It sounds more like an idea for a sitcom, but there's increased demand in New Jersey for houses that have room for more than one adult generation, according to housing experts.

Catherine Yeulet, ThinkStock

And these homes, they say, feature unique living quarters for each set of adults, giving them a sense of freedom while living under the same roof as another couple or two.

Michael Paparone with custom home builder MJ Paparone Development Company in Mount Laurel said the trend towards multi-suite homes points to a combination of kids living with parents for much longer than before - sometimes even after having their own children - and baby boomers looking to avoid the high costs of senior living.

"I rarely see people just move into a home and just have it to themselves," said Paparone, whose latest multi-generational project was built for a set of parents along with their four children and two grandchildren. "They're tayloring homes for more than one generation to reside in."

Paparone said these specially-formed homes can easily have space for three adult generations, each with their own living quarters, including a restroom and laundry facilities.

According to Natale Russo, head of the Builders League of South Jersey, multi-suite homes are mostly requested as a result of senior citizens heading back into the same house as their children. He said it's also a popular option for families in which one spouse has passed away; parents or in-laws can move in to help with the children, chores and finances.

"We just finished up a project where a mother-in-law moved in," Russo said. "She funded the job and created a space for herself."