🏈 Kids were seen playing with a gun inside a coach's car

🏈 The coach asked a student to lie to police to save his job

🏈 He is now facing multiple charges

Police say a high school football coach tried to get a student to lie about playing with a gun inside his car.

A joint statement from the Burlington County Prosecutor and Mount Holly Police say a student told school officials at Rancocas Valley Regional High School that they saw kids playing with a gun inside a car belonging to Andrew Paden, 40, of Willingboro.

Investigators say Paden, who is a teachers aide and assistant football coach, had taken some of the students to the game. He allegedly gave them permission to be in his car, where a gun was being kept.

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Police say Paden was concerned for his job, and went to the home of the one of the students and pressured him to lie about the incident and to tell police the gun was fake.

Paden is facing multiple charges, including: unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon on school grounds without permission and witness tampering.

Mount Holly School officials have placed Paden on administrative leave.

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He has been released after being arrested, charged and processed by the Mount Holly Police Department.

It is not known if Paden has an attorney who can speak on his behalf.

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