Just when you thought it was safe to back near the New Jersey public 'feeding trough' here comes another politician with their hand out.

Another example of greedy politicians in NJ
Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Jim had been talking about a great opinion piece on NJ.com from the Star Ledger about Gene Feyl, the head of the of the State's Highlands Council.

Feyl, before taking the Highlands gig, was a school board member, a town council member and the Mayor of Denville. According to the article, the maximum those jobs paid him was an average somewhere around $30,000. Now, as executive director, Feyl will earn $116,000 per year, without ANY prior environmental experience.

If you're wondering what an executive director job translates into for a pension, Feyl, when he retires, will collect $63,000 for the REST OF HIS LIFE.

Wasn't all this double-dipping and pension padding supposed to end?  What's your reaction to this finding? How does NJ go about stopping all the double-dipping and pension padding? Discuss your thoughts and opinions below.

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