Dennis and Judi were discussing the laundry list of NJ officials who "double-dip" the pension system in New Jersey. They are collecting more than one pension from the state because they've held multiple state jobs.

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Unfortunately it isn't the double-dipping that got George Costanza in trouble on an episode of 'Seinfeld.' This is the double-dipping that is unsustainable to the state of NJ and the one that NJ can no longer afford to subsidize.

Dennis likened town jobs like being a sheriff to the old westerns where the big perk was getting a gold star that said "Sheriff." Now, you get a title, a nice salary, a pension and as an added bonus, when you retire, you can go get another job with another pension attached to it! There's not much NJ can do to stop the people that are already collecting but it is time to shut the gate and stop any new workers from entering the special "club."

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