In case you haven't been following the story of Montclair's Renaissance Middle School Principal Joseph Putrino, it's a comedy of errors that's worth exploring.

Putrino played a video last Wednesday as part of a Zoom staff convocation. The video, from Black comedian Josh Pray, was an animated comical view of home schooling and in praise of teachers. The principal was trying to lighten the mood and show the staff how much parents, like Pray, appreciate the work they do every day.

Well, the video was stopped midway and Principal Putrino was removed from his position later that day. Superintendent Jonathon Ponds apologized in an email to the staff, calling the video "inappropriate and completely unacceptable."

Some on the staff, including the superintendent, somehow thought the principal was making fun of Black people? The academics are so out of touch that if they hear an animated Black person talking in his vernacular, it's somehow offensive and racist. That reaction is racist! It's also humorless, out of touch, reactionary and stupid!

These people are so buried in their own circle of over-educated, self-important, closed-minded fools, yes FOOLS, that they can't share a laugh and a compliment from a parent/comedian. The principal, who has "Dr." in front of his name, which usually means you've lost all touch with reality, had the sense of humor and humanity to share it with his staff. For this he loses his job?!?! These are the people that are running our schools!

And in a town like Montclair, loaded with sanctimonious white progressives who don't know racist from real, they bend over backward to prove that are not racist. Well apparently they don't know or associate with many Black people like Josh Pray. Just hearing his voice and seeing his presentation, they thought someone was making fun of African Americans. It would be hilarious if they were running the local garbage dump, but they run OUR SCHOOLS! Now they've got poor Josh Pray worried that his video was somehow associated with the word "racist."

With his respect for teachers, he couldn't even imagine how stupid someone on the staff was to have deemed what he does as racist. I certainly hope Putrino gets his job back and some of the academics and school administrative staffs around New Jersey somehow, some way, some day, get their sense of humor and reality back.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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