Roosevelt's "Mighty Pete," a sugar maple tree estimated to be over 100 years old containing over a thousand years worth of memories, fell in last Monday's storm, July 22. My sons Albert and Lennon, like so many that have come before and after them played on "Mighty Pete" and like so many in town, are sorry to see it go.

Unfortunately Pete can't be saved. The tree can't come down in one piece because the trunk is already divided. The townspeople are very upset and have placed a roadside memorial. Some want pieces of the tree.


Roosevelt School principal Mary Robinson Cohen said, "I feel it's an integral part of our community, it's something special just like Roosevelt is something special.I'm totally sorry to see it come down and it will live on in our memories."

10 years ago a younger, similar tree was planted along the Roosevelt curb just in case this terrible day would come.

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