How do you feel about the idea of New Jersey becoming a "sanctuary state" or the idea of "sanctuary cities," where people here illegally will not be hassled over their status?  You can put me down for a no as well as Middletown, where the Township Committee officially opposed New Jersey’s status as a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens and pledged that the Township will never become a “sanctuary city.” Mayor Anthony Perry called into my show and explained.

"We have a responsibility to continue to make sure that Middletown stays one of the safest towns in, not only one of the safest towns in New Jersey but in America," Perry said. "We just felt that actions like this...was not in the interest of our residents."

The Committee passed resolution 19-129 on Monday night, which declares that sanctuary policies are “harmful to the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the Township of Middletown for numerous reasons, including but not limited to undermining law enforcement, encouraging violations of federal immigration law, and jeopardizing receipt of meaningful federal funding.” This act is similar to several New Jersey towns that are opposing marijuana. Could we see similar resolutions from other New Jersey towns?

"I think we are," Perry said. "I don't think we were the first to adopt it, but I think we were the biggest to adopt a resolution of this's incumbent on all of us to stand up for the safety of our residents, for the well being of our residents. So I absolutely you're going to be seeing municipalities across New Jersey pass resolutions very similar to this, the one that we did."

With ICE arresting another 123 illegal aliens this past month, most with criminal records, you have to ask how can someone who is illegally here and commits a crime be allowed to stay here. Not to mention the alleged Lincoln Park killer Jorge Rios was arrested on charges that he kidnapped, raped and murdered Carolina Cano on March 24. He has even been removed from the country two seperate already. I would say Middletown is doing the right thing.

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