One of the many great films premiering at the Asbury Park Music in Film Festival, is one from the singer of the band Men at Work. Colin Hay's new film is called "Waiting for My Real Life," and we were fortunate to have Colin sit down and speak to us about the movie, his career and some of the struggles he faced over the years.

Colin said that while the movie is about his life, it's a story of success and failure that many can relate to. "Well, it's just what happened to me really. It's really a lot of people's story. I had a lot of success and that went away. Often that's the most interesting thing, what happens after that," Hay stated.

The film examines Hay's successes and failures over the years and a pretty interesting 25 years after that according to Hay.

I also asked Colin about his time in Men at Work and what happened to them after having found success in the early 80's with hits like "Who Can it Be Now?," "Down Under," and "Overkill," Hay said that while they did have success, it wasn't always about the full five members of the band. "When you're in a band, it becomes Spinal Tap very quickly and you think that things are important things, when they're not really important. We made three albums, two with the original band. Then Greg and I, the sax player, we just toured as Men at Work but we didn't record any more music."

Watch the full interview I conducted with Colin Hay in the YouTube clip above. Watch the trailer for Colin's new film "Waiting for My Real Life," below.