Stories is a New York City-based band from the early 1970s...that had two hit records. Their biggest hit was a "cover version" of another band's hit song!Bassist/vocalist Ian Lloyd (born Lloyd Buonconsiglio in Seattle in 1947), and keyboardist Michael Brown (born Michael Lookofsky in Brooklyn in 1949), were introduced by their fathers! Both "dads" had been session violinists together.

Before they formed "Stories," Lloyd had been singing and recording locally as Lloyd London.

(Craig Allen photo)

Brown had led, wrote for, and played with his band "The Left Banke," which scored two major hits in the 1960's:

"Walk Away Renee" (#5/1966)

"Pretty Ballerina" (#15/1967).

So, now its the early 1970's...and Lloyd and Brown decide to pool their talents and form a "Beatles"-type band.  They recruited Steve Love and Bryan Madey, both from New York.

Kama Sutra Records released the "Stories" album, with the single "I'm Coming Home" (#42/1972).

Immediately, the guys started working on their second album, "About Us" (1973). After the album's release, Brown left Stories for another project.

"About Us" did well initially...but it is interesting to note that the new hit single "Brother Louie," wasn't included on the album!!! Seriously!

"Brother Louie," one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits," had been a hit in England for the band "Hot Chocolate." (I've written about this band here at here for the article!)

Kenny Aaronson, Stories' new bassist gave the song its funky bass line...

Ian Lloyd tells the story of how he was sitting in a record producer's office, going through stacks of demo tapes and discs. When he heard the "hook" to "Louie," he knew it would be a number one record! The music history!

About a black girl and her white boyfriend, "Brother Louie" zoomed to the top of the charts for two weeks (#1/1973).

It stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 18 weeks...and was awarded an R.I.A.A gold disc (for 500,000 sales) in August 1973.

As "Brother Louie" was getting extensive radio airplay, a new version of the "About Us" album was released, including the hit song...a smart move by Kama Sutra Records.

In some cases, old copies of the album (without "Brother Louie") got slipped into covers for the new album...which listed the song. OOPS! However, in today's collector's world, I would think that if you had one of these in-error copies, it would be worth some money! But I digress...

While "Stories" had a #1 hit...Ian Lloyd wasn't totally thrilled at the time! As he stated to the press, in not so many words, the song didn't represent the band's intended sound and direction!

However, he would remain with the band for one more album: "Traveling Underground" (1973). Keyboardist Ken Bichel would join Lloyd, Love, and Aaronson in the recording studio.

"Mammy Blue" (#50/1973).

"If It Feels Good, Do It"  (#88/1974).

Ironically, "If It Feels Good, Do It," is a cover version of a song from the band "Climax."

Just prior to the band's 1974 breakup, Stve love departed, and was replaced by Richie Ranno.

In the post-Stories years, Ian Lloyd has recorded several solo albums, and done studio session work with the likes of Peter Frampton and Foreigner.

All the other members of Stories have also remained active, playing in other bands, or doing session work with big-name recording artists including: Hall & Oates, Billy Squier, Foghat, Bob Dylan and Rick Derringer!

The "Stories" and "About Us" albums have been released on single CD by "Raven Records."