Eric Carmen is the former lead singer of the '70s rock group The Raspberries...who went on to solo fame and success upon the Raspberries' demise!

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Eric Howard Carmen was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 11, 1949.

He has been involved in music since an early 3, he was was enrolled in a program at the Cleveland Institute Of Music!

At 6, he was learning violin from his aunt...he was playing piano at age 11.  He was trained in the classics.

At 15, Eric Carmen was taking guitar lessons. When he wasn't satisfied with the lessons, he decided to teach himself. A Beatles chord book was a big help.

By the time he was a high school sophomore, he was playing and singing in local rock bands.

While attending John Carroll University, Carmen joined the "Cyrus Erie" Band.

The Raspberries formed from the remnants of "Cyrus Erie" and the other big Cleveland-area local band "The Choir."

As we learned here at last Saturday, The Raspberries would have 7 chart hits between 1972 and 1974.

Eric Carmen went solo in 1975.

He would score BIG hits in the '70s and '80s!!

His first two solo hits were (musically) built around Sergei Rachmaninoff concertos!

"All By Myself" soared to #2 in early 1976. It was Carmen's only hit in England.

It sold over a million copies, earning an R.I.A.A Gold disc for sales, in 1976!

"Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" was a #11 record in 1976. It was #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart!

Eric Carmen's debut, self-titled album was certified Gold in 1977 (2 years after its release), for sales of more than 500,000 copies!

Carmen's second album, "Boats Against The Current" was released in 1977. Some of the guest artists who appear include: Burton Cummings (Guess Who), Andrew Gold (later known for "Lonely Boy" and "Thank You For Being A Friend") Bruce Johnston (Beach Boys) and Nigel Olsson (Elton John's drummer, and a late '70s solo artist).

"She Did It" went to #23 (1977).

Interestingly, as "She Did It" was on the charts...two other songs written by Eric Carmen, "That's Rock "N' Roll" and "Hey Deanie" were Top-10 hits for Shaun Cassidy!

Back to Eric Carnen's solo efforts:

"Boats Against The Current" had some rough sailing, stopping at #88 (1978).

The "Change Of Heart" album (1978) spawned the #19 (title) hit "Change Of Heart." The song was a #6 Adult Contemporary hit.

After the 1980 album, "Tonight You're Mine," with the disappointing reaction to the single "It Hurts Too Much," (#75/1980), Carmen took some time off from the music industry.

Saved from the "cast-off" pile at a radio station years ago. (Craig Allen photo)

In 1985, Eric Carmen would resurface with a second self-titled album!

1985 vintage vinyl on my turntable! (Craig Allen photo)

"I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" went to #35 in 1985. It would be a Top-10 hit on the Adult Contemporary chart.

"I'm Through With Love" would barely be noticed by the Top-40 crowd (#87/1985)...but it would reach #16 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

"Hungry Eyes," Cut #4. (Craig Allen photo)

Eric Carmen returned to Top-40 hit glory in the late 1980s, thanks to the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack!

"Hungry Eyes" was a #4 smash in early 1988.

His non-soundtrack followup, "Make Me Lose Control" did even better....

"Make Me Lose Control," Radio-Only Promo Single CD, 1988. (Craig Allen photo)

it rose to #3 on the pop charts later in 1988. It was #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart!

Both have become pop favorites over the years!!  "Jersey's Favorite Hits!"

"Best Of Eric Carmen" compilations have been released over the years, and Carmen has enjoyed playing with other artists. In 2000, he toured with Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band!

On December 24, 2013, Eric Carmen released his first new song in over 15 years!

"Brand New Year" was a free draw attention to "The Essential Eric Carmen," a 30-song collection that was released on March 25th!

In his personal life, Eric Carmen has taken a rather laid-back approach to music...working on projects when he wants.

A few years back, Eric Carmen, his wife Susan, and kids (Clayton & Kat) moved back to Ohio from Los Angeles.

Eric Carmen was the subject of tabloid fodder when he he was stopped in September 2008 on a D-U-I. He was fined, and jailed for 30 days. The drunk driving video was shown on one of those tabloid TV programs. OOPS!

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