Battling cancer is just that, a battle. It takes such a toll on your body, your psychological well being, your family and everyday life. We all know people who have gone through this battle. I’ve had family members, friends, co-workers and acquaintances cross my path, having to fight the cancer battle.

I believe that in some people who have to battle this disease that there is a kindred spirit that awakens within their being. In some, it makes them stronger, more aware of life and a desire to call on every bit of energy they have to survive. But fighting the brutal treatments, fighting your body to make life at home normal for your family and friends takes its toll, it’s mentally and physically exhausting.

There’s a place in Ocean Grove that provides a respite, a true oasis for women fighting cancer. It’s a beautiful 10 room house where women can come in for a few hours or for a few days and receive oncology treatments, massage, yoga, meditation, counseling, strength training, nutrition guidance and in room spa services, all at NO COST.

It’s called Mary’s Place by the Sea. Mary’s Place by the Sea is a home for women with cancer to heal. The work that they do is amazing. It’s a reboot and recharge of those affected with cancer to be able to continue the battle.

I’ve hosted a couple of charity concerts for Mary’s Place by the Sea and was happy to do so after hearing from a friend with cancer, who got a chance to heal and recharge at Mary’s Place. My friend, musician Bobby Bandiera and I became fans of Mary Place because of the response and results.

As so many businesses and health programs have been affected by this pandemic, Mary’s Place by the Sea is no different. They have had to temporarily close their doors because of the edict put on certain health care service providers.

As we all have experienced tough financial times, so has Mary’s Place by the Sea. The funding through their yearly events has diminished because of the inability to hold public events.

They have a virtual annual walk-a-thon and virtual 5k coming up on October 3rd. I’ve included the details below. If you could see your way to donate to Mary’s Place by the Sea, I would appreciate it. Over 10,000 women have benefited from their services and so many more will need their help. Thank you as always for your support.

Mary's Place by the Sea Virtual Walk-A-Thon:

Mary’s Place by the Sea will host its 9th Annual Walk-A-Thon & 2nd Annual 5K VIRTUALLY on Saturday, October 3rd.

While the event will not be held in person this year, a kick-off to the event will be shared on Facebook Live at 10AM on October 3rd. Individuals and teams are encouraged to walk in their respective locations (a suggested 2.5 mile course for walkers and 3.1 mile distance for the runners), and to share pictures and videos to help create awareness for the mission of Mary’s Place.

For those who do not wish to walk or run, a donation goes a long way. Registration, sponsorships and virtual vendor spaces are available at


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