🐶A man suffered a "significant" wound to an arm

🐶Police had to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding

🐶The dog has been quarantined

SOUTH BRUNSWICK — A 70-year-old man getting his mail was bit in the arm by a neighbor's large rottweiler Tuesday morning.

South Brunswick police Deputy Chief James Ryan said the man was at his mailbox on a curb when the dog came running from a yard several houses away. He went back into his house and called 911 where the dispatcher could hear the dog barking outside while man tried to treat his injury.

The dog was gone by the time officers arrived to find the man bleeding from a "significant" injury into his kitchen sink.

A sergeant applied a tourniquet to the injury before he was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The man has since returned home.

The owners of the dog moved into the neighborhood within the past few months but he has run out of the house before, according to Ryan.

Powerful, protective and loyal

South Jersey Animal Control issued a summons to the owners of the dog and ordered it to be quarantined for 10 days.

Rottweilers are known as powerful, protective and loyal dogs with a strong instinct for guarding, according to the American Kennel Club.

Rottweilers that are properly trained will be calm and confident but not aggressive. A rottweiler that does not interact with others beyond their own family will feel threatened by all strangers and behave badly.

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