Dennis & Judi midday show producer Kylie Moore has become a crime victim. Sometime late Wednesday night to early Thursday morning, this happened.

Kylie's car was egged
Kylie Moore photo

It didn't just get the back window. The vicious attack continued.

Kylie's car LOVES eggs apparently
Kylie Moore photo

What sort of fiend (or chicken) would do such a thing? The consensus at the radio station is that this was a targeted attack. As she drove the length of her block Thursday morning examining other parked cars she saw no others vandalized in this hateful, high protein manner.

Mischief Eve, or Mischief Night, or whatever the heck else you choose to call it, was two weeks ago. So it couldn't be that. Plus Kylie lives on a quiet street on a cul de sac. Oh, this was personal my friends. What did Kylie do to piss someone off? Was it a pizza purist seeking revenge for her position that a knife and fork are okay? Was it payback by someone who has "Rocket Man" stuck in their head? Or is a malevolent chicken stalking her?

To make this an even dumber story, check out this sad text exchange between Kylie and me regarding what happened.

Time to text about the egging!
Jeff Deminski screengrab

That's right Kylie, a whole Denny's Grand Slam breakfast could have sprouted forth from your rear window had you driven safely by clearing that frost.

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