You know what we need in New Jersey??? How about a state song? Have I got a state song for you.

Mike Boldt, who last year co-wrote “Union City” which became the official song of the place where I grew up, has now expended his scope to include the entire Garden State with “Living it Up In New Jersey”

“After “Union City” was proclaimed the official song of Union City, says Boldt,commissioner Lucio Fernandez mentioned that New Jersey is one of only three states without a state song. That inspired me to write one”
Boldt ,born in Jersey City and was raised in Union City, has been a professional musician from the age of 12, playing New York, New Jersey and Las Vegas clubs with The Merchants, The Boldt Brothers and USA who’s lead singer Glenn Stuart later joined “The B Street Band”. www.bstreetband,com


Mike has also taught music technology to Special Needs students in New Jersey schools for 20 years. Retired from teaching now, he writes and records original music, including soundtrack music for feature films, including “West New York.” He was honored with a Telly Award for composing the soundtrack to “At the Alamo.” Last year, “Union City,” written by Mike and his music partner Phil Gallo (Dez Manku) was proclaimed the official song of Union City, NJ.

Boldt’s memories of Union City like all of us who still call it home, are strong.
“Playing stickball on 8th Street, singing in St. Michael’s choir, playing with the music group, The Merchants in variety shows in Emerson H.S. and the Park Theater on 32nd St.. Playing drums and singing at the Camelot Restaurant in the Troy Towers (where I met my wife, Nancy, a Union City teacher) throughout the 1970’s with The Merchants and Boldt Brothers.”

Along with Union City, Boldt’s pride in all things Jersey resonates throughout this video.

“Lived in NJ all my life, still do! Like so many others, I have great memories of summers at the Jersey Shore. New Jersey is a great place to live and doesn’t deserve the negative comments we so often hear about our great state. “