"They're coming to get you, Barbara!"

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to tell you that October (aka "the month where we should all binge watch horror movies") is in full swing in New Jersey. Saturday was Asbury Park's 10th annual Zombie Walk, essentially taking over the boardwalk and the Convention Hall, and these zombies did NOT disappoint.

There were standard, run of the mill zombies, girl scout zombies, "Wizard of Oz" zombies, "Breaking Bad" zombies, and pretty much any type of zombie you can imagine. Attendees showed up as early as 10am (the walk started at 4pm) to get their make up done in the Convention Hall. I salute anyone who can pull off putting on such precise, intricate make up, as I struggle with the basic eye liner that I use so I can be seen in public.

You can check out what the boardwalk looked like in the video above! Or, for a blast from the past, here are some of Bill Doyle's favorite shots from last year:

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