🔺 Two dead puppies were found in the shed of a home in Little Egg Harbor

🔺 Two people were charged with animal cruelty but only one has been arrested

🔺 The search continues for the second suspect

LITTLE EGG HARBOR — Two township residents have been charged with animal cruelty after a pair of puppies were found dead in the shed of a home on Saturday.

Police were dispatched to a residence on Tavistock Drive in Little Egg Harbor just after 9 a.m. because of citizen complaints of a foul odor coming from a shed located in the back of one of the units.

An investigation led to the gruesome discovery of two dead puppies, approximately one-year-old, in a crate inside the shed under conditions that indicated cruelty or abuse, according to police.

Police did not disclose the breed of dog the puppies may have been.

It is also not clear if the puppies were put in the crate alive or if they were placed in there after they died.

Warrants were obtained for the arrests of Jarriel S. Walton, 29, and Justina T. Erving, 28. They were each charged with two counts of cruel abuse of a living animal, and one count of failure to provide proper shelter.

However, only Erving was located and arrested, and taken to the Ocean County Jail. Attempts to take Walton into custody have been unsuccessful, according to officials. He is currently still wanted on the outstanding warrant.

Anyone with information on Walton’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Little Egg Harbor Police Department at 609-296-3666.

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