Linden cops stepped up as they always do to stop a crime in progress that could've been a total disaster, according to the Union County Prosecutor.

One cop got assaulted in the process and two others were injured, the prosecutor's office said. The incident began with a 23-year-old man lighting a mattress on fire presumably to burn down his house, according to the prosecutor's office. Thankfully, authorities say, family members called the cops and the Linden PD got to the scene quickly.

Our #BlueFriday honorees today are the members of the entire Linden Police Department. Of course we gotta make a special mention to the brave members of the Linden Fire Department for putting out the flames.

Again, another example that cops show up to a scene and get attacked for doing their job, injured in the process of helping a family and they never look for credit. That's why we honor them every week. Remember, there's a thin line between civilization and savagery, and that line is Blue.

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