As we’ve duly noted over the past year that during this pandemic the restaurant industry has taken a direct hit to its economic well being. Restaurants in both New Jersey and New York have scrambled to come up with outdoor dining, curbside pickup and new delivery options to attract a substantial customer base.

The expense in transforming their restaurants into COVID-19 friendly facilities has been significant, all while collecting less revenue. It’s tough to market these changes because of the cost involved. Many have turned to social media and have been somewhat successful in getting the word out about the changes and their new operation details of their restaurants.

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Peter Lugers Steak House in Brooklyn has taken a very unique approach, they have “borrowed” several wax figures from the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City to display at empty tables so that the 35% occupancy restriction is intact but the restaurant still looks more occupied.

They have wax figures of Jimmy Fallon, Audrey Hepburn and Jon Hamm along with a couple of more figurines. It’s a clever idea and they are cross promoting the restaurant with Madame Tussauds. I don’t know if this is increasing traffic to Peter Lugers but at least they are trying to stimulate notoriety and business back to their restaurant.

While I’ve dined at Peter Lugers several times, since the pandemic hit I’ve made a personal pledge to only support our restaurants here in New Jersey as I believe that’s the right thing to do. I just thought you’d get a kick at what another restaurant is doing to cope with this pandemic.

To all the Jersey restaurant owners, I can make a wax figure of myself and one figure would fill the other 65% of your restaurant. Anything I can do to help.

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