Democrats and environmentalists aren't happy that a court ruled the Exxon Mobil pollution case settlement is "fair, reasonable, in the public interest" and in accordance with the Spill Compensation and Control Act.  But why isn't $225 million enough?

Hear State Senator Ray Lesniak and others want more than was bargained for by listening to the clip below.

Lawyer and Save New Jersey blogger-in-chief Matt Rooney also chimed in to explain the opposing view.

Do you think the Exxon settlement was fair, or do Lesniak and others have a case against it?
Kevin who called from the Turnpike said, regardless of where you stand on the court decision, it's worth noting that Exxon contributes money to Gov. Christie's campaign.
According to Andy in Trenton, Christie will likely use the settlement for the state budget rather than environmental cleanup projects.
Comment below to share your opinion on the Exxon settlement.
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