Monday night we  discussed the topic of domestic violence in New Jersey based on the pictures that were released of Nicole Harder, the woman allegedly battered by Dallas Cowboy defensive end Greg Hardy. I posed the question as to why we haven't heard any comments from former Cowboys on their controversial player.

Now comes a response from former Dallas Cowboys quarterback legend Roger Staubach who tells USA Today Sports “I’m rooting for the Cowboys, I don’t root for him. I’m still rooting for the Cowboys. I’m not a Hardy fan.”

Throughout the entire ordeal, it seems as if Hardy has side-stepped the issue and repercussions from it one way or another. Hardy's ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, stopped cooperating with authorities and thus the case wound up being dismissed. The National Football league suspended Hardy for 10 games which was later reduced to 4. The controversy surrounding Hardy and the case recently picked up again when the pictures of Holder and her injuries appeared on Deadspin last week.

Those Deadspin photos struck a chord with the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

“People, when they see something they react differently, the same with the (Ray) Rice thing,” Staubach said. “We know what he did. I’ve got a wife and four daughters and I’ve got 12 granddaughters. I would go ballistic if anybody touched any of our daughters or granddaughters in a harmful way. I’m not that forgiving for anybody that commits domestic violence. But we are human beings. It just seems like that particular problem, unless you really get a lot of help, you just don’t overcome it. You’ve got to get help. It’s not just, ‘Hey, I did this, it won’t happen again.’ It happens again … It’s a worrisome deal when someone hits a woman. Hopefully that someone is getting help to never do it again.”

Will more former Cowboys players follow Staubach's lead and speak out against Greg Hardy?

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