Should a man who throws a woman against a tile wall, tosses her on a futon covered with assault rifles and choked her until she asks him to “kill me so I don’t have to,” have a job in the National Football League?

The NFL and its players association say yes. In fact, what was originally a 10-game suspension from the league for multiple violations of the personal conduct policy, was later reduced to 4 games.

What’s appalling about this entire case is that the NFL had not only seen the pictures of Hardy's battered girlfriend Nicole Holder, but actually sued the state of North Carolina to view 7 more.  Look at those pictures and tell me if there is any reason that Hardy should have the right to ever play in the NFL again.

Not only does Cowboy owner Jerry Jones think Hardy should've had the opportunity to play again, Jones has referred to Hardy as a team leader and wants to resign Hardy for next year. Jones claims he hasn’t seen the pictures but is all about giving Hardy a second chance.

I would love to hear how others connected with the Cowboys like tight end Jason Witten  whose foundation deals with domestic abuse, feels about Hardy. Or what do Cowboys legends like Troy Aikman, or Roger Staubach, or the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders think about Greg Hardy putting on the uniform for that matter? How does their female fan base feel about this signing?

Maybe the team can just pretend like it didn’t happen. Just to make it easier for them to do that, a judge in Mecklenburg County North Carolina signed an order expunging Hardy's domestic violence conviction related to this incident from his record. In the judge's defense, Holder stopped cooperating and it’s believed a settlement was reached between the victim and Hardy.

How does all this relate to New Jersey? Everyone here has an opinion on the Cowboys, you either love them like our governor, or hate them like the many Giants and Eagles fans. Domestic violence unfortunately is also here in New Jersey. It would have been great if Jerry Jones would have cut Hardy like the Baltimore Ravens cut Ray Rice after video surfaced of Rice punching his fiancé in an Atlantic City elevator.

Unfortunately all we’ll end up with are probably more of those “No More” commercials telling us how the NFL players feel about domestic violence. Greg Hardy playing in their league shows you exactly how they really feel.

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