Thousands of people swarmed Pt. Pleasant Beach Tuesday night, catching most residents and businesses by surprise. Following Gov. Phil Murphy lifting his stay-at-home orders, but still limited crowd sizes to 100, people were seen crowding the mostly closed boardwalk and beach well after dark. The smell of weed filled the air and some folks were carrying open containers of alcohol.

Law enforcement from Brick Township. Mantoloking, Bay Head, Ocean County Sheriff's Office, Ocean County SWAT, NJ State Police and Pt. Pleasant Boro PD were present to assist the Point Pleasant Beach Police, which is not yet fully staffed for summer crowds, reports. Residents and vacationers have been kept away due to the novel coronavirus, but the revelers did whatever they want, including relieving themselves in public.

Some restaurant owners' plans have been rejected by township authorities in attempting to offer outdoor dining, which will be allowed next Monday, but people swarming the town in protest went undisturbed. How can peaceful, law-abiding citizens, who are trying to do the right thing and just make a living be treated one way, when unruly crowds from out of town be allowed to do whatever they want in what might be considered a protest? Ask Phil Murphy. He'll probably deflect the question or hand it off to the head of the state police. Either way, there is no good answer.

He went after people and small business last month just trying to survive, then attended two separate protests for a cause he thinks is more important than yours. It seems more and more we are living in a state that is upside-down. Do the right things and get hassled. Flout the law and you'll be left alone or even rewarded. It's going to be an interesting summer if this pattern continues. Let's just hope there is a good end to this madness soon.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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