Nothing like waiting until the last minute to buy a Christmas gift. I’m not judging, I’m guilty of it. I’ve been so focused on what Santa will bring my kids that I forgot about a few key people I have to get gifts for.

Do late-night runs to the mall or the store once the kids are in bed sound like you? Not to worry! There are plenty of gifts out there to choose from even if you’re waiting until the day before.

Bing HAO via Unsplash
Bing HAO via Unsplash

Then there’s the ultimate question, “What do I get someone who has everything or wants nothing?”. You can’t show up to your Christmas day party gift-less even if that one person told you not to get them anything.


A simple, yet unique Jersey gift will satisfy every type of family member you forgot about (again, not judging).

Here’s a list of New Jersey businesses and/or Jersey gift ideas that you have easy access to even if you’re finishing your shopping at the last minute:

For the coffee lovers

Rook Coffee

A bag of grinds or even a gift card will help with that caffeine craving.

For the bagel lovers

Bagel Nook

Nothing says you’re from Jersey like a t-shirt with pork roll, egg, and cheese on a bagel on it. Or bring a platter of their famous bagels with you to Christmas brunch.

For the readers

Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood

A great book from a local bookstore will do the trick.

For the chocolate lovers

David Bradley Chocolatier in Windsor

This speaks for itself.

For the Wawa lovers


A gift card can go a long way here. Use it for food or gas or pizza because, yes, Wawa has pizza!

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