Lara Trump joined me on the morning show to talk about the fact that even though early voting begins on September 19th in New Jersey, the first scheduled debate between the President and former VP Joe Biden isn’t until September 29th.

Before that date, New Jersey and another 15 states with up to 8 million voting Americans will have already started voting. The remaining debates are in October. The first question is will you watch? For me, it’s a big yes. With all the propaganda from social media and the suppression of basic facts, look at the most recent assault on free speech from Facebook censoring the President’s comments on Fox News and the doctor’s who were censored for sharing their first hand front line truths about COVID. It’s bad and the American people deserve to hear directly from the candidates.

Much of the media is complicit in the anti-Trump propaganda campaign. Look at the comments from ABC News after the president talked about the assault on faith and God from the far left, one ABC commentator felt that it was important to remind people that Joe Biden is a “practicing Catholic.” So the media is defending Biden, who has a hard time speaking clearly lately for himself, social media censors content that the “group think” PC warriors don’t like, and credible medical professionals get banned.

As Lara Trump and I discussed, the stakes are incredibly high in this election. Much more than the nuances of education, tax and transportation policy that are typical of American elections.  We’re in a war for the soul of our nation. Get out and vote.

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