It all comes down to politics and propaganda.

We’ve been told by the media from the outset of the pandemic that we need to listen to the medical experts. Reading and referencing medical reports since February, I’ve still been attacked by some asking for my own medical credentials. What? So now you need to be a doctor in order to absorb and discuss information from a doctor?

It never made sense to me until I watched the social media giants, whom I believe are complicit with the government’s assault on our civil and individual liberties, ban a video that the current government hacks don’t like. Why? These are doctors who have served on the front line battling the virus and saving lives. Why would one opinion get banned and another praised? Isn’t the best way to a solution for public health and safety based on a thoughtful conversation incorporating many ideas to see what works best?

One of the most contentious points brought up by the docs is the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus. A few months ago on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show, you met the head of security for Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan, who was prescribed the drug by his doc and survived, despite being hospitalized. Don’t forget the FDA initially approved the drug for use and docs across the nation started to use it to successfully treat sick people. Now as some of these docs come forward to tell their stories, they get banned? Take a minute and read what these docs had to say and decide for yourself.

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