🚍 Dash cam video showed the school bus coming to a stop

🚍 A van driver didn't anticipate a car stopping and veered into the path of the bus


LAKEWOOD — A school bus in was hit head-on while children were boarding Monday morning.

Dashcam video from the school bus posted by The Lakewood Scoop shows the bus slowing down on Central Avenue with a car in the opposite direction coming to a stop.

A van traveling behind the car appears to have not anticipated the bus slowing down. The van veers to the left and crashes head-on into the front of the bus.

The airbag of the van deploys on impact and the driver's side door opens but no one gets out. A side door is then opened but no one gets out as the video ends.

The Scoop said two people were injured on the bus, which was on its route picking up students.

Lakewood police on Tuesday morning did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information.

School bus hit head on by a van in Lakewood 9/18/23
School bus hit head on by a van in Lakewood 9/18/23 (The Lakewood Scoop)

Drivers warned about violations behind the wheel

Lakewood schools Superintendent Laura Winters reminded bus companies at the beginning of the school year about the potential fines and penalties that could be incurred for violations by drivers.

Drivers wearing earbuds while behind the wheel, operating a bus while students are still standing or hanging out windows and sitting on the floor or standing while the bus is moving are no-no's subject to a $500 fine.

Changing routes or making unauthorized stops face a possible $300 fine.

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