This is something you don't see often. Full service at the gas pump, with actual full service.

Well okay, maybe not full service for what it used to be, but it's close enough. Anytime a gas attendant goes beyond taking the gas cap off and putting the pump in is a rarity within itself.

Back in the day (as the old saying goes), full service meant the gas attendant checked everything for you. Not only did they fill your car with gas, but they also checked the wiper fluid, cleaned your windshield, and checked other vitals of the car as a courtesy.

It's said that some even went as far as top off your oil. Now I don't think I'd trust a gas attendant to mess around under my hood in today's world, but I don't think having a windshield squeegeed is such a bad thing.

Wawa store on Route 37 in Toms RIver
Wawa store on Route 37 in Toms RIver (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

But that's exactly what this gas attendant did. It was a quiet Saturday evening around 5:45 p.m. when I stopped by one of my local Wawa's to get gas.

The attendant was quick to come to my car and ask what I wanted. After that, he got the pump going and started to fill the car.

A cup of Wawa coffee
A cup of Wawa coffee (Sue Moll, Townsquare Media NJ)

Being it was very quiet at the pumps, I decided to quickly run in for a coffee (I always assess how crowded it is at the pumps before deciding if I should go in or wait for the fill to finish).

As I started to go in, the attendant asked me if I would like to have my windshields cleaned. I was very surprised by this and gladly accepted his offer.

Bruce Mikells
Bruce Mikells

On my way out, he was doing more than just the windshield. He was also cleaning the back window.

And he was doing all of this with a smile on his face. I was amazed by his friendly service at the pump.

Wawa store and gas station - Stafford, VA
The Washington Post/Getty Images

Unfortunately, I forgot to grab his name, so I'm unable to give proper credit to the individual that took care of my car. But I can give credit to the store location, which is on Route 36 in Leonardo.

Exporting Philly
This April 2, 2015 photo shows pretzels a Wawa convenience store in Philadelphia.

I know this isn't anything groundbreaking, but excellent customer service goes a long way, and this store's team deserves to be recognized for it.

And it also was a nice gesture of what full service in New Jersey should look like.

Way to go, Wawa.

(image by Erin Vogt, Townsquare Media)
(image by Erin Vogt, Townsquare Media)

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