Jersey boy and comedian Kevin Downey, Jr. made his way to America’s Got Talent last month. He passed the test as far as the two Howards were concerned. Both Howard Stern and Howie Mandel liked him, but he did not make it to the next level.

Downey will be appearing at Sarcasm Comedy Club in the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza this Saturday Aug 10th. You can get tickets at

I had a chance to interview him about the experience.

Steve: What made you enter?
Kevin: A burning desire to make money
Steve: Did you expect to win when you entered?
Kevin: I didn't win but I got farther than I thought i would.
Steve: What was the process like?
Kevin: It was the most fun I've ever had in my life, and the most challenging. Live TV competitions have always scared me, even just watching them.
Steve: Did you add or write any new material or stick to the standards?
Kevin: No, I went with what I know works every time.
Steve: Were you more nervous performing in front of the two Howards, or the national television audience?
Kevin: Probably the two Howards. They can make or break a comic's confidence with mere words.
Steve: What doors have opened for you since then?
Kevin: I am signing boobs and booking door deals! Wahoo!

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