It takes a Jersey girl, or in this case, a transgender woman,  to not only have the bravery to come out on national television, but to drop the F-bomb as well!

That's exactly what happen though, as Fairview native Julia Scotti advanced on NBC's "America's Got Talent." Scotti not only left the judges laughing with her colorful language, but then got a standing ovation for announcing that she is a transgender woman.

 Julia was in studio with me last night and we talked about the experience in a revealing off the air interview. "You've seen that set on television and suddenly you're on that set and you realize, that's when it hits you that you're on television," Scotti said.

When I asked Julia about dropping the F-bomb in her act Scotti said it was a calculated decision. Scotti said of the moment she decided to use the F word "I just took a deep breath and said 'Well, here we go,' it's only my career, ya know."

It's hard to believe Scotti could've shocked the crowd after dropping an F-bomb on stage but somehow she pulled it off flawlessly. Scotti then later announced that she is a transgender woman. I was curious to know if announcing it in front of an audience on television was like coming out all over again. "When I said it and then the audience just erupted, I thought the place was on fire, I was like 'whats going on?'"

If you've never seen just how immensely talented Julia is, here's a great example. While playing "Jersey's Opening Lines," Julia had a funny moment on the air with me.

You've seen Larry David impersonating Bernie Sanders but watch what happens when Julia Scotti impersonates Bernie Sanders  performing as Neil Diamond! It's a 3-part harmony all by herself! Watch as hilarity ensues in the clip below.

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