Julia Scotti advanced to the quarterfinals on America's Got Talent. She captured the hearts of New Jersey when she dropped the F-bomb on the show, then the hearts of America when she "came out" as a transgendered woman. Julia and I have known each other for years going back to when I hired her at my old Sarcasm Comedy Club in the Cherry Hill Crown Plaza. In fact, Julia and another Jersey AGT contestant Kevin Downey Junior performed at a comedy night to raise money for the Roosevelt Fire Department.

After Julia returned home from her incredible AGT experience, she dropped my show to discuss a cause that she's very passionate about, and play "Jersey's Opening Lines. Then after the show we we're hanging outside the studio, Julia revealed how emotional it was to come out on national television. What I really like about that was that she came out after she advanced so her comedy remained pure as it stayed right up the ladder.

I couldn't let her leave without asking her "Jersey" moment and she offered up a few. Check it out!

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