I just read an advance copy of Governor Phil Murphy’s budget address. In it is this hidden little gem:

“Inspired by the trailblazing work of Senator Cory Booker at the federal level, I propose today that New Jersey provide a 'baby bond' – a $1,000 deposit into an account for every child born in 2021 to a family making up to $131,000 per year. This is an idea that would benefit three out of every four children born in our state. This is a place where New Jersey will lead, with the first statewide program of its kind.”


You’re having to borrow $4 billion to fill the budget gap. We will be stuck repaying that for years. This is what you’re proposing? $1,000 for every baby born next year even when their families make up to $131,000? Is this real life? See the text of the address here.

I cannot believe this is a serious proposal. Isn’t it stating the obvious to say you don’t launch such a social program when you’re short $4 billion?

Senator Cory Booker’s idea at the federal level was in my humble opinion a ridiculous one. And this was pre-pandemic. Pre-shutdown. Pre-financial devastation in this country. Even in good times, this everyone gets a ribbon mentality of cutting a check just for being born is absurd. This government money isn’t from the government, because the government doesn’t earn money. They tax it out of us. This is OUR money. And I shouldn’t be paying for your kids. Can’t afford a good life to take care of your own kids? Use a condom. Can’t even afford the condom? Don’t have sex.

I’m stunned at Phil Murphy’s proposal coming at a time like this. Who’s with me? Take our poll below.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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