While Cory Booker wants to punch President Trump, New Jersey's top republican Jon Bramnick sees all the anger in politics and wants it to stop.

The Assembly Minority leader is sponsoring legislation that would require the governor, the state Senate president, the Senate minority leader, the Assembly speaker and the Assembly minority leader to meet at least once every quarter at the State House in Trenton for at least two hours. Bramnick called in last night on Bookers comment.

"Cory seems like a nice enough guy, but I just don't get it. You're gonna punch somebody in the face? Let's get over that."

Bramnick can't believe it's come to this, saying: "I cannot see why everyone is so mad at each other. How can you get anything done when everybody is so mad at each other? With that kind of attitude it's impossible to fix things in the federal government or anywhere."

"It's the most absurd thing I've ever seen. We have to fix the problem of why we're so mad at each other," Bramnick said.

He says it's all about the relationships. "Tip O'Neill did really well with Ronald Reagan, how do we not have those relationships? we can completely disagree on an issue and you're telling me we can't get in a room because we have philosophical differences?" he said.

Bramnick brings it home saying, "If that's true, how does any business or family survive?  If you were polarizing with your family or business, you'd get nothing done, so now we're allowed to do that in government?

Bramnick thinks It's time for we the people of New Jersey to be the adults in the room: "It's reached the point where the public has to stand up and say look, you don't like each other, too bad, figure out how to get something done compromise and do it! I think it's a dangerous position to treat each other like this."

New Jersey's two top singers Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny sang the solution at the Stone Pony last July 6th. "Talk to me until the night is over," or for as long as it takes.

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