Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman responding to a fake video of President Trump killing members of the media and tweeted out "#Hitler has nothing on #Trump," with a link to the New York Times story. The White House says President Trump strongly condemns the video that depicts a fake likeness of him shooting and stabbing opponents and members of the media but hasn't seen it. Whitman's reaction to the fake news story has brought reaction from many in New Jersey.

Here's some of the responses from my Facebook and Twitter, @realstevetrev.

Al Smith: "Anyone who compares any current day politician to Hitler spits on the graves of the millions of Jews who died at his hands. It’s disgusting and needs to stop before we become desensitized to the actual atrocities that we’re committed."

Stephen Siegel:  "Just another idiot from the swamp they don’t need the whistleblower now they could just lie about the transcript that we’ve all seen they’ve been trying to pinch his guy for three years and they’re all fake and they’re all in trouble."

Tim Devine: "Tell Christie Whitman to put the money back in the public pensions that she stole for her fake balanced budget and then I will listen to what she has to say."

Andy Rehorn: "She was a lousy Governor. The EZ Pass debacle, she thought frisking a perp was neat, giving a 30% income tax break causing the administration to stop funding State pensions...Florio was right but nobody wanted to hear that the State was financially not doing well and allow him to float some bonds.

Carrie Schweitzer: "I am with Al Smith. I am not a trump supporter at all. But Hitler??? I miss the days of facts and not just name calling."

Edward Czarnecki: "Trump made a decision to benefit himself and his family! Look up the Trump Towers in Turkey. You know it’s bad when his Southern Belle Lindsey is against what he did! You all need to get off your pedestals and see reality!!!!!"

Mike Cotton: "I am not a Trump fan, but I wouldn’t give Whitman the time of day. She should fade into the background and live a quiet retirement. She stated that the air at Ground Zero was safe. How many people have died because they relied on that statement? And the comparisons to Hitler are beyond hyperbole. Hitler, in totality, was responsible for the deaths of about 20 million people."

Joey Novick: "Trump has opened the door to acting in a manner that is unprecedented as far as being provocative and profane. There are those who disagreed with the politics and policy of Reagan, Nixon and George W. Bush. But no one can claim that those presidents were unpresidential. Gov. Whitman did no less than what Trump does regularly; but he started this 'run of words' first. She lowered herself by her comments."

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