I wouldn't be surprised if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up this post after reading it.

Tuesday night's State of the Union address reminded me of a cross between a reality show and Jerry Springer. It was hosted by the ultimate reality show personality President Donald Trump and attended by both Republicans and Democrats who wanted to put on their own show, either by hooting and hollering or by sitting silently while others did, by walking out. They should have stayed, if not for the sheer entertainment.

Several NJ reps walked out of the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, including Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman because of what she called lies about protecting preexisting conditions, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Rep. Bill Pascrell also walked out because “I can’t stand a liar. This man’s presidency is a national tragedy." His timing on leaving wasn't exactly good.

Rep. Donald Payne stayed away entirely from the State of the Union address because he claims President Trump, “has spent his entire term promoting his interests ahead of the public good.” Okay, then by announcing that you're staying away, aren't you putting your interests ahead of the people who put you in Washington? How can you comment on a speech you haven't heard?

Sen. Bob Menendez joined many Democrats in constantly shaking their head during the speech. He also wore a gold pin he said was a reminder of how much global temperatures have increased over the past 160 years.

Say what you will about Menendez, at least he stayed. We elected these people to go to Washington and stay on top of what's going on down there. The State Of the Union went on there. Whether or not they agree with what the President said at the State of the Union, they still need to hear it first hand before commenting on it. By not staying or not going, they made it all about them and not about the people they serve.

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