Among the thousands of people who descended on our nation's capital to protest the election results was Michael Conlon from Toms River. Conlon tells me:

"It was a great spectacle, met some of the nicest people from all over the nation. This was a moment in history I was proud to be a part of. There were people who did it the wrong way, but 99% of us here did it the right way."

He sent us these exclusive photos and video of the rally too.

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Another Jersey guy who was there, Ray from Bayonne, called into my show last night on his way back from the rally to say, "it was probably one of the greatest days of my life, I'll never forget it. You were surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people of all different races and backgrounds who understood what was happening."

Of course, that's not all that happened. Images of what was going on inside where windows were being smashed, police with their guns drawn, Nancy Pelosi's office was reportedly trashed and Fox News confirmed that Ashli Babbitt, an 14-year Air Force veteran, was shot and killed, .

As I'm watching this unfold Wednesday afternoon, I'm thinking this could have all been avoided if President Trump had simply gone on national television from a podium on the steps of the capital and had one last rally so to speak. Not hiding and using Twitter. The leader of the free world should not be using Twitter to reach Americans in a time like this. He should've been out in front of the people thanking them for their support and urging them to go home for their own safety.

Eventually, Trump put a video on Twitter. For me, it was too little too late. The damage has already been done and we now have something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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