Most New Jersey farmers are getting ready for the next big growing season, but some are engaged, even during these winter months.

"They are really just taking a step back from a robust season. They are working all of the time. They really do work year-round," State Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher said.

He said in the winter, farmers spend some time with their family and make decisions about the next growing season, purchasing seed and lining up their finances.

"They will repair their equipment. They will look for new equipment. They will attend conventions, and really never stop working. There is so much to do on a farm. You do not just turn it on in the spring, and off we go," Fisher said.

He says tourism is still going on some farms as well. And many greenhouses are getting their flowers and other landscaping products ready for spring.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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