Father's Day is special for me, both as a dad to my 12-year-old twins Lennon and Albert and as a son who lost his father, Albert, in 2015 at the age of 92. I was so lucky to have him for most of my life. I remember when I was my sons' age we would go to the Yankee Tower Diner on Friday nights and talk football. Today, I love both talking and throwing the football with my sons. It's one of the many ways where we get to hang out and bond.

My favorite "Dad" story was when we lived in Union City and my parents were making their bed. My Dad asked my Mom where his pillow was and sarcastically she replied, "It's in my back pocket!!" To which my father, always with the quick-witted comeback, replied: "Oh, I thought all that was you!" That may have been the last time he slept in that bed ;)

Wednesday night, while talking about fathers I asked: "When you think of your dad, what's the first story that comes to mind? Here's what you said ...

John J Ruppert — How he jumped over the boards to join our Ice Hockey Brawl because the opposing players' fathers jumped over first after they saw us beating their kids up during the championship game. It was amazing BUT before cell phones so nothing was captured.

Hershel Horn — At age 6, I took his tax returns to school for show and tell lolol.

Carolyn Dee — My Dad giving me away to my ex-husband. He couldn’t walk me down the aisle with his walker so my Godfather/Uncle Mike walked to greet my Dad at the alter. He gave me a kiss and I was so proud of him. He left this Earth in 1998. But his heart is always with me. He was a Navy veteran and worked for the USPS. A stand-up kind of guy.

Tim Grill — The fact that my father lived with a malignant brain tumor for 10 years after being told he had six months to live. Twice. And he always had a smile, and never complained.

Arlene Pugliese —I have nothing positive to tell. But I have plenty of stories of men trying to be fathers to their kids and are kept away by bitter exes. And kids who dream of having a father that cared any day of their lives.

Chrissy Biglin Harris — My dad's hugs are the best in Cedar Grove, ask anyone!

Jill Connerton — Tripping waitresses at restaurants. He’d always sit with his legs straight and sticking out into the walking areas. He often tripped waitresses. He amused himself.

Cindy Zwicker — So many stories but my fondest memories of him are with his cigar and pipe smoking. He was never without a cigar and the aroma is embedded in my heart. I actually seek out cigar smokers just to catch a whiff because it brings back my dad and happy memories.

Jimmy Yengo — Crabbing on Barnegat Bay

Andy Rehorn — When I asked him what the hardest part of his life. He said, and I quote, "When I lost my job at 42 years old and had you seven kids to support." This from a guy who was captured in WWII during the Battle of the Bulge.

Deborah Mai — Dad always had time for us kids. Even after working full time with a two-hour each way commute to work. Working flea markets with him when I was older. We laughed so much. He's gone almost four years. I remember the day we found out how sick he was. He was so strong.

Nick Wargo — My Dad worked for a time three jobs so he could buy property and build our family's house. He did an awesome job.

Bob DiSogra — He would kneel down on the side of the bed to say his prayers before going to bed!

Happy Father's Day!