Usually, when you think of Jersey Christmas music you think of a young Bruce Springsteen singing about "the wind whistling round the boardwalk." Now comes a song and video produced right on that boardwalk at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

"Jersey Christmas," with lyrics by Ben Rausch and Gaby Gold brings home all the attitude, customs and good cheer of the Garden state for the Holidays. It's a must-hear if you live or grew up here. Ben also stopped by our studio and performed it live.

"I came to write Jersey Christmas because I felt there aren't enough new holiday songs, Rauch, a native of Marlboro, told me in an email. "And if you are from New Jersey you know we do the holidays differently than anywhere else in the world. It's our own special thing and if you’re a proud 'New Jerseyan' like me, I am sure you can relate."

Jersey relatability is what "Jersey" Christmas is all about. With lyrics that mention Santa blasting Bon Jovi out the back of his sleigh, bells that go "Bada Bing," yelling instead of caroling in the cul-de-sac, peppermint schnapps shots and of course, Frankie Valli on the jukebox, it all fits together in perfect Jersey style.

"I felt there needed to be a song to represent the holidays Jersey style," Rauch said. "Plus the fact I feel we need more positive and fun music these days with a message everyone can relate to. I wrote the music and co-wrote the lyrics with Gaby Gold."

As for the video, which harkens back to the 80's, Rauch told me, "I approached Grammy Award nominated producer, Jason Agel, also from NJ, and he said he would love to work on it. Grammy Award winner Emily Lazar mastered the song. The whole process of writing, arranging, recording, mixing took a couple of months, and then the music video took another couple months to complete. We shot the whole music video in NJ, with locations in Jersey City and Asbury Park by The Stone Pony, T.J.‘s, The Empress Hotel and the Silverball Museum. We wanted to shoot in front of Bruce Springsteen’s house, but we figured we would probably get arrested for trespassing."

Rauch has been singing, dancing and acting most of his life. Ben’s song, "The Emoji Song,” recently won The Hollywood Songwriting Competition, an American Songwriting Award, The USA Songwriting Competition and four Global Music Awards.

The music video for the song has won best music video in over 18 film festivals

As an actor, he was recently seen on "The Big Bang Theory" and in the Melissa McCarthy movie, "Can You Ever Forgive Me." He was also seen on TV in "GIRLS," "Mr. Robot," and "Gossip Girl," among others. Ben was also in the movie, “Jersey Boys,” directed by Clint Eastwood. Last year, he was touring the country as the keyboardist for Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame singing legend, Darlene Love. Merry Christmas baby, Jersey Style!

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