We have heard all kinds of ideas for the Super Bowl halftime show. From Bon Jovi, whom the Examiner says was already asked by  the NFL and has not responded, which if that happened would shock me, to Billy Joel,  to even a mixed bag of Jersey artists that would include Bruce Springsteen and take way too much time and would probably sound disjointed, to reortedly Bruno Mars.

If you ask me, and since you did not, I’ll ask myself, I think the perfect choice to play halftime at MetLife Stadium on Feb 2 would be the cast of the show ‘Jersey Boys”.  Not only would they pay tribute to the “Jersey” music of the Four Seasons, but it would also honor the amazing theatre of Broadway as well.  It would be the perfect combination of young meets old. Something every member of the family can enjoy. There would be no wardrobe malfunctions, no cursing, and they can get more songs into that twenty minutes than any other act. To coin a phrase “Oh What A Night” that would be.  Who would you like to see play halftime at the Super Bowl?  Leave your suggestions below.


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