For dedicating only a quick seven minutes of airtime to it, the story of my son's sighting of a mysterious animal at the bus stop got a lot of interest. I received quite a number of emails with all kinds of speculation as to what this could have been.

My son and his friends were waiting for their school bus one morning last week when they saw four creatures that had them all stumped. They all agreed whatever these things were, they looked to have the bodies of dogs but the heads of kangaroos. And they're large. It's an animal that would compare to a 40-pound dog with a thin tail and front legs thinner than its back legs. The weirdest thing about this is, they didn't walk. They seemed to hop. They got a good long look at all four of them but none of the kids had an idea what these things could be.

The email guesses I received ranged from a wolf, a Flemish rabbit, a coyote, a pygmy goat, to a Chupacabra, just to name a few. I wish I could get an actual professional police sketch artist to sit down with the kids and see what he would come up with. Falling far short of that, I found this drawing my son made over the weekend trying to explain what this looked like to his little sister. I thought it was funny, but also intriguing. I'll never know what these things were.

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