I’ve never believed in mixing religion with politics but I’m now praying Phil Murphy is removed from office by voters in November.

Jack Ciattarelli is the candidate who should be our governor. He just put out his first TV ad of the general election. It goes after the unconscionable, unapologetic moment when Murphy had the audacity to tell people if taxes are a big thing to you then, basically, get out.

“If you’re a one-issue voter and tax rate is your issue, we’re probably not your state.” That’s what Phil Murphy said about high taxes in New Jersey.

Not how to bring them down. Not how to cut spending so we could ease up on taxes. Not how we can consolidate school districts to cut down on bloated school administration so that we can unburden property taxpayers.

None of that.

Instead it was basically if you’re greatly concerned about taxes then go live somewhere else.

Ciattarelli has a different opinion. Here’s his ad.

Jack Ciattarelli was born and raised here. He sent his kids to college here. His mom and dad before him worked their butts off in day jobs then ran a restaurant on the side trying so hard for that American dream. Jack Ciattarelli opened businesses here. He didn’t make his money by playing with other people’s like at Goldman Sachs. He did something real. He ran medical publishing companies.

He actually knows how to produce a needed product. He understands how hard it is to start and maintain a business in the hostile climate of New Jersey because he’s done it. And he’s served at every level of government from the local council, to the county freeholders board to the State Assembly.

Plus he’s just a good, decent, caring guy. If we don’t elect Jack Ciattarelli then shame on us.

Murphy has put illegals above citizens. He’s failed to keep nursing homes safe during the pandemic. He’s had no plan to re-open MVC smoothly after closing it down for months leading to nightmarish crowds and confusion. He’s had no plan to shore up the Department of Labor for the influx of unemployment claims that came when he shut down businesses. He’s borrowed 4 billion dollars without the voter approval normally required by our state constitution and we didn’t even need it, then used it to present the biggest most bloated state budget in history that is attempting to buy the election. He ignored Katie Brennan‘s rape accusations until he no longer could and has failed to show leadership with toxic sexual harassment allegations within his first campaign.

We can do better with almost anyone else. With Jack Ciattarelli, we can do great.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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