It wasn't a major storm, but this week's snow ended a snow drought for Central Jersey and Eastern Pa. In fact, with more than 1" measured across the area, it marked Philadelphia's first accumulating snow (of greater than 1") in 715 days.

The totals were not major, but we have seen a few reports that several inches (up to about 4" so far) of snow fell in parts of the area.

Scroll down to see a complete town-by-town breakdown of how much snow has been reported in your town.

The storm began, as forecasted around 4 pm on Monday, with the heaviest snow falling in the overnight hours and very early morning hours of Saturday.

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The storm was wrapping by Tuesday morning, though many schools had already been forced to close as clean up is underway.

Meanwhile, 94.5 PST's Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow warns us, by the way, that a brutal winter chill is about to arrive. We could see another small storm on Tuesday.

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