New Jersey is now home to some of the most futuristic pizza technology I’ve ever seen. Of course, we’re known for pizza in New Jersey and in my opinion, we have some of the best pizza spots in the entire country.

Now, New Jersey is beginning to step up the pizza game with this robot pizza chef. A pizza shop in Woodland Park, New Jersey makes about 4,000 pizza pies in just a week with their brand-new robot chef technology.

That equals about 32,000 slices of pizza in just one week. It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around the numbers. The restaurant is called Pizza HQ and it is home to some technology that’s a first for the state.

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According to, the restaurant still has about 20 human employees working in the store, but they have added their robot chefs to help crank out pizza faster than ever.

The pizza dough gets put on this conveyor belt-looking machine where it’s topped with tomato sauce and cheese and then it’s placed in an oven to bake.


Of course, the robot chef needs a little bit of help from humans, but according to the business owner during an interview with CBS, it helps keep the pizzas consistent while getting them done in a timely manner.

Would you try out one of these pizzas? You can if you head to Woodland Park, New Jersey, and visit Pizza HQ! You can get all the details on the shop by checking out their website, here!

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