Get your sweet tooth ready!

As far as foods that we absolutely love around New Jersey and Philly go, cannolis have got to be up high on the list when we're craving something sweet.

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So here's some great news! This absolutely delicious cannoli cafe is planting its flag in New Jersey!

Holy Cannoli Cafe, a Philadelphia based, women-owned dessert shop is coming soon to New Jersey! This is according to their announcement on their social media page. Take a look at the great news below!

They'll be located at 31 Haddon Ave. in Haddon Township, which used to be Goodbeat Creamery, according to South Jersey Food Scene. 

Google Maps
Google Maps

Their original location is at 1716 Jackson St in Philadelphia where they serve primarily cannolis and coffee, but their new location in South Jersey will have more of a twist!

Google Maps
Google Maps

What does Holy Cannoli serve?

Bring your sweet tooth, because not only can you get fresh cannolis made with high-quality ingredients, drizzles and toppings, but they'll also have gelato, coffee and cannoli sundaes! You'll even be able to build your own cannolis! They also keep their selection fresh with seasonal flavors. Check out their current menu HERE.

When will Holy Cannoli open in Haddon Township?

We won't have to wait much longer. They plan on opening in April! Keep your eyes peeled!

Everything looks so incredibly delicious. Can't wait to see how well they'll do in Haddon Township. But in the meantime you can still visit their Philly location and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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